The World Streetboard Association (WSA) is a non for profit organization that has been set up to promote, develop and create a sustainable future for the sport of Streetboarding. Dedicated to the development of the sport worldwide on all levels from grassroots to pro level. Supported by the top Brands in the sport such as Dragan Streetboards, Dimension and Gazpacho.

Launched in July 2016, the WSA is made up of a committee of riders, manufacturers, distributors, retailers and those directly involved within the industry. All members bring knowledge and experience to all projects, as well as invest valuable funds back into the sport.

The WSA provides leadership, structure and standards to all aspects of the sport from rider safety, activity, championships, rankings and governing bodies. Together the WSA work as one in supporting the riders, addressing issues and making the right decisions for the sport. Check out who’s involved via the “Official Members” section.