Rider Ranking – Bringing Structure

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The WSA will have a rider ranking system, which will determine who receive invites to The World Championships every year

Rankings are based on 12 months rolling, ¬†updated after each contest except for points awarded at the World Championships which holds until the next World’s Championships.

Events are ranked 1 star to 3 star and points awarded according to the rank of the contest.

It weights the contest according to the calibre and concentration of riders in that geographical area (e.g. because riding in an event in Europe will currently be more difficult to place highly than in a Japanese event).

The placings that count are also decreased depending on ranking.

The WSA will also hold an annual online video contest to enable all a chance to qualify

Points Awarded
Placings One Star Event Two Star Event Three Star Event
1st 500 1000 2000
2nd 375 750 1500
3rd 262.5 525 1050
4th 0 437 874
5th 0 387 774
6th 0 0 674
7th 0 0 624
8th 0 0 574

If you would like your event to be World Streetboard Organisation approved then email: info@worldstreetboardassociation.com

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